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Seamless Integration from Salesforce to NetSuite

To Streamline Your Lead to Cash Process


  • Salesforce to NetSuite Integration by Bizdata empowers business or enterprise users to completely automate two to the most widely used business applications thus enabling cross functionality & empowering users to gain unique insights into their business operations. Salesforce to NetSuite integration enables users to eliminate manual workflow & make the process more efficient by reducing errors.
  • Salesforce Users, on the other hand, can gain important insights pertaining to financials of their prospects, leads thus helping them to plan more efficiently. This not only creates a synergy between the whole process but also make it more efficient.
  • Traditionally the information had to be entered manually into each system & there was no way to capture data from one system to another or derive analytics from it. With eZintegrations NetSuite users can create directly create quotes, orders & draw other useful information directly from salesforce thus extending the capabilities & making the process more efficient.


Benefits of eZintegrations

  • Completely cloud-based. The implementation doesn’t take too much time. No coding or IT intervention required.
  • Reduces duplicity & manual entry of data across channels
  • Real-time Integrations with a real-time view of data
  • Streamline leads to cash process
  • Ensures synergy between sales & finance dept. It allows cross-sharing of data thus enabling both the department to get insights into each other operations enabling better customer service & cross-department efficiency.


Use Cases & Problem Statements

Use Case:- Let's say a customer wants to automate information that comes into NetSuite & wants a complete match between various systems such as Salesforce.

Solution: eZintegrations enables complete automation of data being entered into the system. NetSuite users can pull customer details directly from Salesforce thus creating synergy across channels.

Use Case:- Automate creation of quotes & sales order

Solution: Quotes & Orders can be created automatically from within Salesforce or NetSuite on real-time basis & can be shared with Sales or Finance people which can be sent or shared directly to customers or the management at a single click thus ensuring faster lead time or service.

Use Case:- Enables Insights & forecast into the business process.

Solution: eZintegrations enables NetSuite users to draw data, directly from opportunities & orders present into Salesforce thus enabling accurate forecasts to be made.


Demo Video

Integrate Salesforce Customer, Sales & Service Data to Netsuite

Why eZintegrations Salesforce to Netsuite

ezIntegrations iPaaS enables you to connect Salesforce & Snowflake data warehouse in easy to follow steps. Now integrate data in real-time with error-free results. Ideal for mission & time critical operations.

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