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Why Sales force to Snowflake

Sales force being one of the most widely used CRM contains information pertaining to Clients, Leads,  Orders, Quotes, Order History, Financials & other critical information pertaining to a given customer. Now wouldn’t it be great if the same data can be made available to different departments for their use at same time. This will not only increase their efficiency but also enhance their decision making capacity.

For example Finance can import information pertaining to opportunities & incorporate that information in their financial forecasts.

  • Product people can pull information pertaining to order history & fulfilment to ascertain the demand of a product & accordingly forecast the future requirement.
  • Marketing can take a look at the opportunities & use that information in their future campaigns to better target a customer to up sell or cross sell & so on.

This requires a robust data warehouse which is fast, scalable & that can store data at one place without losing consistency & provide access to different users without hindering the access rights & maintaining the security of data. This is where Snowflake comes in. It’s fast, scalable & provides single point of access for all users at the same time being extremely cost effective.



Sales force being of the world’s best CRM provides information that can be used by other users in a business organization in their day to day business operations & to make critical business decisions related to the workings of the business.

 eZintegrations provides seamless integration from Sales force to Snowflake & facilitates sharing of customer, sales & product information from a single point with multiple users in different department  for use in decision making.

Why eZintegrations for Sales force to Snowflake


  •           It’s completely cloud based. Speedy Implementation with no knowledge of coding required.
  •           Enables cross synergy of data from sales force to snowflake & other channels
  •           Real time integrations with real view of data
  •           It enables various departments to share data from a single data ware house without hindering each other functions or privileges.
  •          Streamline dataflow & data sharing.

Use Cases & Problem Statements

 Use case: Let’s say Finance wants to make forecasts of potential revenue for a given quarter & marketing want to project the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns at the same time.

Solution : eZintegrations integrates data from Sales force opportunities & integrates into Snowflake data warehouse wherein Finance & Marketing can again pull the information simultaneously via ezintegrations without hindering each other access privileges  or being dependent on each other.

Use case: Maintaining consistency of Data

Solution: ezIntegrations ensures the data integrated into snowflake data warehouse is error free. Since the data warehouse is the single access point consistency of data is maintained throughout the process or department.

Use case: How to enable cross functionality between different business processes

Solution: ezIntegrations combined with Snowflake enable users to store & extract data directly from sales force into snowflake which is a single access point & enables users to examine the same directly from there thus reducing dependability on each other as everything is done in real time & simultaneously.

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