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Analytics Visualization with Varied Data Sources

03 June 2018 by Visualization 369 Views
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Data coming from various sources are of varied nature and are from different vendors. Some data resides in Oracle Database, Some in Salesforce, some in SAP

to teradata and some in form of text and content in social media. To make relationship with this various data types and varied data source is itself a challenging and laborious task. Bizintel360 product ease the task of making unstructured data into structured and make the relationship between those structured data sources in easy automated fashion.

Collecting data from various sources and making sense out of it is a very daunting task. Clean, transform and make it available for analytics with a centralized data store is the conventional and resource dependent activity. Bizintel360 takes care of all this activities and ease the development activities.

Data roll-up , slicing, dicing, checking the business metrics, facts and figures with various dimension is a basic need for any analytics reporting. To develop a solution where you want to slice and dice the records with various dimensions requires lot of effort and investment to develop a data warehouse and business data model to take care of metrics and its relationship with dimension. Bizintel360 tool takes care of roll-ups, slicing and dicing of dimension in real time without any development effort

One of the key in any analytics solution is checking the reports over a period of time. This requires a standard time dimension in data modeling. Bizintel360 solution comes with a standard time dimension by which business users can generate reports by calendar time, financial time or manufacturing unit based time.

When you get data in near real time from various data sources, the power of taking faster decision goes up. This keeps you ahead in the competition; you can sense the market and internal risk much ahead and be competitive. Bizintel360 solution will help you to reach there.

Bizintel360 is first self service big data analytics solution, which resolves problem of pulling data from various sources and of varied data type. Bizintel360 makes relationship between various data sources on its own. For more information on product bizintel360 please write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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