BizIntel360 Helps You Harness the Power of Advanced Data Analytics

17 November 2018 by BigData 217 Views
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BizIntel360 Helps You Harness the Power of Advanced Data Analytics

Enterprises face a big challenge when it comes to big data. If you are a small

or medium-sized enterprise, or just starting up, you must compete against companies that may have much larger IT and marketing budgets to implement the latest in big data storage and analytics technologies. And even if you can afford to invest the necessary dollars to build data warehouses, connect them to data visualization solutions, and integrate analytics to drive better decision making, your firm may lack a team of data analysts who have the expertise necessary to take full advantage of the insights buried in the vast array of data being generated by the minute.


What’s more, companies that opt to implement a comprehensive in-house big data solution frequently discover that it can take up to two years until the solution is ready to be put to use. Besides the long lead time, such big data initiatives have a tendency to lose business focus to the point where the primary goal is getting the technology set up rather than improving the business through analytics-driven decision making.


Put data analytics to work—smarter and faster

Introducing BizIntel360, a truly self-service big data analytics solution that combines the advantages of the cloud with the advanced capabilities of today’s data warehousing and visualization solutions. BizIntel360 is ideal for all organizations that want to leverage the power of big data without stretching their resources. BizIntel360 can scale to meet any organization’s needs. We built our solution to allow companies of all sizes to harness the power of advanced data collection, analytics, and visualization quickly and affordably. In fact, you can pull data from any data source—structured or unstructured—within hours of setting up your account. You don’t need expensive extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools, bottomless IT resources, or large-scale data warehouses to put big data analytics to work.


We designed our product so the very business users who need the data analysis can set it up and, in a very short time, use it to better understand how their products—and business—are performing. Our robust visualization tool helps business users slice and dice data to more easily draw meaningful conclusions. And  BizIntel360’s powerful search engine and ability to automatically build relationships between data make it easier to glean actionable insights quickly. The solution addresses the three V’s of big data—volume, velocity, and variety. Moreover, faster setup drives faster return on investment because you don’t have to wait months or years to put the solution to work.


Manufacturers and retailers, in particular, can gain valuable insights using BizIntel360.

Manufacturers can collect feedback about product quality—for example, customer complaints  housed in an ERP system—and ensure that the design team incorporates the data into updated product designs. In retail, BizIntel360 can help you easily isolate key metrics, such as customer lifetime value and average value size. In any industry, companies can use customer demographic data to create more targeted marketing campaigns.


With the power of analytics on your side, you can join nearly two-thirds of companies that have integrated advanced analytics into their overall business strategies and, as a result, report revenue growth of 15 percent or more, according to Forbes Insights and Ernst & Young.

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