Data Supply Chain in Big Data Analytics

21 April 2018 by BigData 240 Views
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Data Supply Chain in Big Data Analytics

Supply Chain is the concept which is very common in product development and services business. A supply chain is typically a flow of material, money and information from one end of supplier to manufacturer to retailer and to end customer. Over the years many consulting firms and software product development companies tries to cut down or optimize the supply chain of material, money and information by applying various automation techniques. Below is the snapshot as how supply chain of raw material, money and material is changing over period of time.


Over two decades supply chain terms are used widely in Retail Supply Chain, Financial Supply Chain, and Manufacturing Supply Chain and now in the world of industry 4.0 there is Data Supply Chain.

In this data supply chain there is loads of data coming from various sources like Social media, Enterprise cloud application, mobile and IoT devices. Today the business user demand is to get analysis and insights from this big data in real time without any technical intervention. The business intelligence or big data analytics service providers are also suffering from same supply chain issues which are nothing but a data supply chain issue. To bring data from source to target visualization tools takes times, hardware resource, knowledge intensive skills and various technologies. This all we need just to bring a single report alive. Below infograph shows a typical data supply chain to bring data from source to target visualization tool.

Bizintel360 is first self service big data analytics solution which cuts down the whole data supply chain and you still achieve same reports and dashboards with slicing and dicing the charts to root cause the problem. Below infograph is of Bizintel360 product which cuts the 80% of data supply chain activities and becomes most cost effective and fast solution that brings data from source to target with very effective visualization. The unique value proposition of Bizintel360 is its search engine tool, which help business users to search data with keywords and visualize the data with intuitive charts and graphs.


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