Self Service Analytics and The rise of Citizen Data Scientists

11 June 2018 by BigData 212 Views
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Self Service Analytics and The rise of Citizen Data Scientists

Traditional Business Intelligence(BI) involved a lot of IT infrastructure and support. Overall reigns of the Central Data Warehouse was in the hands of select IT experts. Business users were completely dependent on their colleagues in these departments to generate a simple report or intel.

The Emergence of cloud based Big Data analytics solutions has since made the business users independent when it comes to handling and operating a BI system. These solutions are not only fast and secure but also easy for business users to use. Self service BI has given rise to a rising group of Citizen Data Scientist and as described by Gartner “That if given the right tools they can perform intricate diagnostic analytics”.

Bizintel360 aims to give the strength of BI in the hands of such Business users and  make them independent of any external IT support. Bizintel360 is a one of a kind revolutionary Self Service Data Analytics platform that empowers the business users with multifold advantages of the cloud combined with features like Intuitive Search engine, Data visualizations and faster Go-live. It helps one to harness the power of Big data analytics to drive better decision making in their organisation.

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