What a Business Intelligence Solution should look like in 2018!

01 June 2018 by BigData 192 Views
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What a Business Intelligence Solution should look like in 2018!


Organizations, Tech enthusiasts and BI experts have all been waiting for a path defining change in the Data Analytics space. We have spoken to a lot of customers and come up with a list of expectations they have from the Next Gen data analytics platform.

  • Faster time to market

Gone are the days when organizations waited for months to get their BI system set up. Now, customers need a solution that takes them live as soon as possible.

  • Cloud based Scalable solution

An ideal BI solution should be built in the cloud that scales with one’s business. No more complex IT infrastructure.

  • A Coder independent solution

A codeless solution that can be learnt and managed by all business users easily. The traditional set up with a dependence of an IT expert to handle the BI setup is no more encouraged.

  • Varied Data source Support

Users want to connect all kinds of data, structured or unstructured, online or offline, to get real time actionable insights.

  • Minimum Data supply chain activity

Data Supply chain is how the flow of Big Data from sources like Enterprise cloud, social media, mobile devices and IoT Devices is turned into actionable insights. The Modern BI solution should cut down on the activities like ETL, Data Warehouse, data modelling etc to generate faster reports and analysis.

  • Dynamic Dashboard and data visualization tools

Once the data is connected, users expect to have a dashboard that is fast, intuitive and has range of KPIs and reports to generate a well rounded, informative and insightful dashboard.


Bizintel360 is a one of a kind solution that has all the capabilities customers look for in a BI solution. It is fast, easy and secure solution that gives the power of advanced data analytics in the hands of business users. And to top it all, the product trial is completely free with no credit card requirements or lengthy registration process


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