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Data Visualisation: Manifest Better Decisions for Business

12 June 2019 by Visualization 196 Views

Visualization of data makes it much easier to analyze and understand the textual and numeric data. Apart from saving time, increased use of data for decision making, further adds to the importance and need for data visualization.

This not only helps to identify key performance indicators for a given business or department but also helps an organization to attain the competitive edge over the others which are not using data. Organizations can benefit from analyzing and visualizing their data irrespective of the scale, size, type, and domain. It only means that whether we talk about emerging start-ups, SMBs or large and established enterprises, all of them can gain huge ROIs by investing wisely in data analytics and visualization. Most of the leading organizations have been leveraging data to make better decisions. Customer-facing businesses have realized the importance of data and analytics in reaching the closest to the actual needs and requirements of the customers. Hence, the demand for visualization tools has mounted. However, the paucity of human resources like data scientists, who could make the most of the piles of data, makes it inevitable for organizations to embrace tools that could at least present the data to them in the most suitable matter—making it most suitable for analysis. It is imperative for business leaders to realize and accept that the human brain may not be as compatible with data piles as a computer, but it is indeed immensely capable of interpreting graphics and patterns. Also, visuals are far easier to interpret data forms than mundane text.

Data visualization can magically add the life of data piles by bringing insightful visuals. And, the fact that this visualization can be automated makes it all the more important for the organizations to leverage it. As a business leader, it can empower your employees by presenting to them an entirely novel way of looking at the data and analyzing it for strategizing the best business outcomes. It also elevates the opportunities for you to keep complete focus on the most critical data. Data visualization also helps your organization assess the direction of your of business. It enables you to qualify answers to key business questions.

Since the data is visualized in a highly comprehensive and interactive manner, establishing existing or possible correlations between various business operations comes in easy here. This gives business leaders a clear insight into business performance and needs for further strategies. Data visualization allows decision makers to make sense out of the visible patterns and parallel operations in terms of the overall business performance. It also allows them to establish a correlation between the daily tasks and the long-term outcomes for these in terms of business performance.

Big data is something every organization, irrespective of the size, wants to focus upon. The bottleneck in understanding all this data is the scarcity of individuals who can use this data to glean meaningful insight. This has historically been a challenge for many organizations, but data visualization tools can help us bridge this gap. Empowering executives with data visualization can provide new ways of looking at business strategy & operations, and enable senior management to drive business performance better. This allows the executives to identify the reason for growth and repeat it, or find the root cause of the dip and fix it.


How Data Visualisation Improves Decision Making

20 May 2019 by Visualization 229 Views


Data visualization refers to techniques used to communicate insights from data through visual representation. Data visualization technology provides a high-tech means for preparing the necessary information that enables sound business choices. It helps executives see the big picture all at once.

In each field and industry, good decision making is one of the foremost structure to progress. Regardless of whether you are a high or low-level decision maker at an organization, it's essential to have visual data readily available so as to impart thoughts successfully. With business, advancement comes growing volumes of data. Contingent upon how this data is displayed, it could be simple or hard to deal with every one of the realities, findings, and patterns that must be comprehended so as to take things to the next consistent stage.


Analytics Visualization with Varied Data Sources

03 June 2018 by Visualization 369 Views

Data coming from various sources are of varied nature and are from different vendors. Some data resides in Oracle Database, Some in Salesforce, some in SAP

to teradata and some in form of text and content in social media. To make relationship with this various data types and varied data source is itself a challenging and laborious task. Bizintel360 product ease the task of making unstructured data into structured and make the relationship between those structured data sources in easy automated fashion.

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