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Shriram B

Learn More about the Next- Gen Salesforce analytics and how it can help you run better

SFDC Analytics by Bizintel Inc. gives you best of both

worlds when it comes to ease of use and exhaustive functionalities. Bizintel360 SFDC Analytics revolutionizes the way you understand & refine new strategies around your business. It allows you to take your ERP, CRM and other silod data and unify into a single view.

10 Ways a Big data Analytics Solution turns profitable in the FMCG Industry


Organizations generate large amounts of data every day. However, only few of

them are able to extract useful information. Why only a handful, because these organizations follow a business intelligence strategy that harnesses knowledge. Enterprises and organizations that are able to integrate a business intelligence strategy have a competitive advantage.

Advanced Data analytics lead to a Smarter and more informed CEO. Learn How!


In the Modern day business, all business functions are interdependent. The CEO

needs data across functions and departments to make any decision. Without the insights from various departments, The CEO will have no visibility into how each part of the business affect each other.

Why Every Automaker needs Big data Analytics in 2018


Disruption in the automotive industry was long overdue. In the last few years the automotive industry has seen a significant transformation with Self- driving autonomous cars, Connected cars, Electric cars and drastic security and feature enhancements using various technologies as described in this report by Mckinsey.

How Cloud based big data services are transforming businesses and why you should migrate to the cloud

Enterprises have been using big data services for quite some time now. These services were most commonly used in an on-premise or hybrid setting usually for their analytics, integration and storage requirements. In a worldwide Big Data and Analytics software forecast, IDC predicted that the BDA software market is expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of 10.6%.

What a Business Intelligence Solution should look like in 2018!


Organizations, Tech enthusiasts and BI experts have all been waiting for a path defining change in the Data Analytics space. We have spoken to a lot of customers and come up with a list of expectations they have from the Next Gen data analytics platform.

As a Quality Manager, do you encounter the below listed challenges?

  • Which products are impacted severely due to quality issues?
  • Which item of products need re-design or replacement from supplier?
  • What will be impact in the inventory if we go for re-design of the item for quality improvement?
  • Who are the top 5 Quality Analyst with overdue complaints resolution cycle time?
  • What are the key determinants of product quality trends?
  • What are the key product issues impacting the customers or markets?
  • Who are the key customers or suppliers impacted by these product issues?

Big Data analytics platforms make it possible to better understand segmented audiences by providing near real time actionable insights

about them,allowing campaign customization in increasingly refined ways. Marketers can use technology to maximize speed and analytics optimization so as to meaningfully connect with more people, in a more personalized manner – ultimately converting knowledge into business growth.

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