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Big Data Makes Targeted Marketing Possible

26 May 2018 by Digital Marketing 225 Views

Big Data analytics platforms make it possible to better understand segmented audiences by providing near real time actionable insights

about them,allowing campaign customization in increasingly refined ways. Marketers can use technology to maximize speed and analytics optimization so as to meaningfully connect with more people, in a more personalized manner – ultimately converting knowledge into business growth.

Shriram B

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Analytics Visualization with Varied Data Sources

03 June 2018 by Visualization 311 Views

Data coming from various sources are of varied nature and are from different vendors. Some data resides in Oracle Database, Some in Salesforce, some in SAP

to teradata and some in form of text and content in social media. To make relationship with this various data types and varied data source is itself a challenging and laborious task. Bizintel360 product ease the task of making unstructured data into structured and make the relationship between those structured data sources in easy automated fashion.

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Data Supply Chain in Big Data Analytics

13 April 2018 by BigData 201 Views

Supply Chain is the concept which is very common in product development and services business. A supply chain is typically a flow of material, money and information from one end of supplier to manufacturer to retailer and to end customer. Over the years many consulting firms and software product development companies tries to cut down or optimize the supply chain of material, money and information by applying various automation techniques. Below is the snapshot as how supply chain of raw material, money and material is changing over period of time.

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