How to Improve Financial Process & Reporting Using BizIntel360 Analytics Platform

24 April 2019 by BigData 200 Views

One single error in financial reporting of a large enterprise can cost millions to a business & like hood of that happening if you rely on traditional systems is pretty high. Finance being one of the most important & critical functions of business requires absolute precision in its reporting.



Why Big Data is Essential for Your Business & Why you should adopt it.

24 April 2019 by BigData 178 Views

Let’s face it. With the evolving business landscape & constant changing technology, a business faces numerous challenges when it comes down to taking, time & mission critical business decisions. Making sure that the right info is available at the right time with right variables is the need of the hour & considering that a business today is engaged in so many processes & operations which produce large datasets, it becomes outright challenging. In order to maintain a competitive edge a business requires insights into its process, distribution, customer preferences or target audience, doesn’t matter if the organisation is big or small.


How Email Analytics can help Recruiters solve the Hiring Problem

01 November 2018 by AI Recruiter 271 Views

How Email Analytics can help Recruiters solve the Hiring Problem


Hiring is one of the most significant process in any organization as described here. It

should be made top priority in any company. Data and analytics can play an important part to fine tune and optimize the hiring process by providing the Hiring manager with key recruitment metrics.

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