Digital Marketing Analytics Case Study

About the Client

Headquartered in United States. The client is a global leader in manufacturing and selling cosmetic products.

Bizintel360 Digital Marketing Analytics

94 % improvement in data collection methodology from various data sources
80 % of Rise in visibility of marketing campaign
72 % improvement in understanding the root cause of poorly performing marketing campaigns
64 % improvement in understanding the customer profile and buyer’s journey from impression to conversion
48% improvement in keyword planning through historical data
36% improvement in manual bidding strategy
31 % improvement in market budget planning
Huge Saving : No Datawarehouse | No ETL | No Data Models | No Technology Consultants | SaaS Offering

Predicaments Faced

The consumers in today’s digitally oriented world can shop from anywhere. With the evolution of social selling, affiliate sales and e-commerce sales, it is important to bring prospects to various selling platforms and this can only happen when we use multiple digital marketing platforms for various channels.

The client is using different set of digital marketing platforms like Google Adwords, Yahoo Gemini, Microsoft Bing Ads, Amazon Marketplace, Commission Junction, Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics, Direct Marketing and Twitter.

When there is different set of marketing platforms, client is facing problem to get visibility as which platform is giving more revenue, in which digital marketing platform we should invest, what keywords are driving more revenue, which ads are working for the organization, is it text, image or video ads? And how should I plan my next year marketing budget on this digital marketing platforms.

These entire digital marketing analytics platform emits 2 million records every day in just 24 hours which hold data ranging from campaign, ad groups, ads, ad types, conversion, genders, ages, revenue, campaign budgets etc.

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SaaS Offerings

Bizdata offered the client with Bizintel360 product, which helped them to collect data from various digital marketing platforms and visualize them in Search Engine and Augmented Analytics based Dashboard and Reports.

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Solutions Delivered

Bizintel360 is a self service big data and augmented analytics solution. All the digital marketing analytics platforms are cloud based application and data is stored on the vendors individual cloud infrastructure.Bizintel360 App connects with this individual data sources and bring it to a augmented Data Lake, wherein it creates auto-relationship and auto data transformation all without the use of ETL tools (ETL: extract, transform and load).

Bizintel360 does not use any complex technologies like Datawarehouse, ETL and Data Models, with the unique data pipeline technology Bizintel360 pulls data from these various sources and stores it to Augmented Data Lake and this data lake is connected to an intelligent Search Engine based Dashboard.

Business users like CMO, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Campaign Manager can see the data in dashboard in real time, root cause the marketing problem by asking questions to the search engine in the form keywords and the Dashboard provides relevant information in real-time with prescriptive data. All the data presented in Dashboard are the collective data from various marketing channels aggregated by Revenue, CTR, CPC, Clicks, Impressions, Conversion/Registration without using any complex technology like Data Models.

Since there was no multiple technology layers between Data Sources and the visualization the overall solution came with ease and business users able to comprehend the solution. All the marketing professionals utilize these Dashboard and Reports for some of the below highlighted Use cases are:

  1. Keywords Planner :  In digital marketing platforms the important aspect of campaign is keywords,Bizintel360 reports helps to plan keywords based on historical keywords that worked well and generated revenue by product, by location and by customer segment
  2. Budget allocation : Help marketing professionals to plan the budget, understand which campaigns are working well and where to invest more for higher rate of returns
  3. Bidding Strategy : Switch from manual to Automatic and to manual by having a greater control on campaign execution. Bizintel360 reports helps digital marketers to change big strategy by product category, by location by keywords and by ad types throughout the marketing channel
  4. Get a complete journey of buyer’s behavior : Understand the complete profile, age, gender of a customer and its journey from impression, engagement, interactions, clicks to conversions/registrations.


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