About Us

Bizdata Mission Statement

Bizdata has been founded with the mission of making Bigdata analytics easy, affordable and quick using Bizdata Analytics platform.

Traditionally, any advanced analytics initiative in an organization requires three layers of technology; one for ETL, one for Datawarehouse or Datalake and one for Visualization or Reporting. All these technologies require different software tools and skilled resources making advanced analytics projects complex and prone to failure.

Bizdata is addressing these challenges through its cutting-edge proprietary Data Analytics platform with Data transportation(ETL), Datawarehouse and Visualization, all three rolled into one single product. Additionally, all three layers are self-serviced making data collection, transformation and visualization super easy. 


Bizdata suite of products include:

1- Bizintel360: A self-service SaaS bigdata analytics application for enterprise.


2- eZintegration: A self-service SaaS based data transportation platform that can connect any system to any system quickly and without requiring programming.


3- PLMAxis: A self-service SaaS based Product Lifecycle Intelligence software for process industry.

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